"IK Ogbonna knows how I breathe"

Sonia Moralez, the sexy Columbian who stole Ik Ogbonna's heart speaks about her life before IK and her exciting future with him.

IK Ogbonna and Sonia Moralez

Nollywood actor OK Ogbonna is expecting his first child with Columbian fiancee Sonia Morlaez.

Proud mother-to-be Sonia reveals a lot about her life and love in an interview with Encomium on March 26, 2015.

Sonia's biography

"I was born January 19, 1991, to a family of three, as only girl and the oldest child. I study at University of Belgrade in the Republic of Serbia, in the Faculty of Political Science – Department of Social Policy.I am on scholarship and busy with my masters at the moment.  I am working with a non-profit organization for education of women and children in Third World countries and I am planning to start one myself. I also work as a translator. I fluently speak five languages (including pidgin). I am ambassador of DFNG’ fashion line from London. From time to time I do modeling jobs, but I really don’t take them too serious. Not my priority"


How did you meet IK Ogbonna?

"We have one mutual amazing friend, a girl called Oma. She was just too sure that me and IK would make one perfect match. She introduced him to my Instagram page, then he did the rest of the work. He asked for my BBM pin, next thing he got me on my phone 24/7.I got to discover a male version of me! It feels too right."

Why did you accept his proposal?

"I am a very spiritual person. I just know when something is right for me. I never doubted him, not for a second. He makes me happy, he makes me better."

What do you and IK share in common?


"We are too much alike. If we were from the same country, I would never doubt that he might be my long lost twin brother. He knows how I breathe! First time I met a human being that is capable of reading my mind. We share same vision and points of view when it comes to life, love, success and family. He is my pal of life."

What was your parents’ reaction about you dating him?

"They all adore him cause of his amazing personality, big heart and the fact that he treats me like a real man should. Every normal parents are happy with their children’s happiness."

How long have you been together and what has kept your relationship going?

"I have a feeling like it’s been a whole life or two. If you want to enjoy real beauty and power of love, don’t be so busy proving each other right/wrong.We helped each other cure from all negative feelings we carried from the past, we got mature enough to understand that love is really drama-free and selfless and it must be based on unconditional trust. We don’t hide phones from each other, we don’t spy on each other. He is making me feel so confident, like there is nothing I can’t do"


Being an expectant mother, how do you feel?

"Excitement! It’s quite magical to have another human being growing inside of you that is half you and half the person you love. When the doctor announced i was pregnant I had a panic attack for a minute, although we saw it coming. It’s all natural."

When are you likely to walk down the aisle with IK?

"I was never the type of girl desperate to get married. Even though my opinion about this changed since I met a man I want to spend my life with, I still prefer to have one intimate, personal ceremony, at the place that makes me happy with people that truly care. When? It might have already happened, but how would you know?"

Have you been rocking our African prints and how different do you feel wearing them?


"Ankara, yeah? I love it. It’s so colourful, feminine and it gives you space to express your creativity when it comes to designs. It could be very elegant, traditional or quite casual and modern. I need to sew some more."

IK Ogbonna and Sonia are one of the most enviable couples in Nollywood right now. The cute couple have proven to be in love and in-sync with each other. Not long after the couple confirmed they are expecting their first child, IK made it official and put a ring on her finger.

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