Will you ask a man the same question on how he made his money?- Dulcie fires back at Delay

Host of the Delay Show, Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as Delay and social media sensation Dulcie Boateng, known as the "Snapchat Queen," engaged in a heated exchange as Delay probed into the source of Dulcie's wealth, questioning if she was intentionally fronting with her Snapchat persona.

Dulcie Boateng

Delay expressed concerns about the recent trend where some women claim certain businesses or ventures, only to later face legal issues such as romance scams. She suggested that Dulcie might be involved in similar activities and was using Snapchat to create a different image for herself.

Dulcie Boateng, however, swiftly fired back, asking, "Will you ask a man the same question if he was sitting in front of you?"

She defended her position, emphasizing that gender should not be a factor in such inquiries.

Delay responded, pointing out that she had posed similar questions to men, including Medikal, and urged Dulcie not to play the gender card.


"This is what is happening in Ghana," Delay stated. "Akuapem Poloo came here and said she had bought the car, but she later admitted it was for views. I am not bullying you," she added.

Dulcie maintained her stance, expressing skepticism about the motive behind questioning women about their sources of income. She argued, "I don't think you are [bullying], to know where women get their money from."

Delay then drew a parallel with Dulcie's time at Achimota school, where she faced pressure, suggesting that Dulcie might be subjecting other girls to similar pressures. Dulcie responded, stating, "Exactly, now what you do with that pressure is what will determine your future. I took that pressure and did something good with it."

The Snapchat Queen also revealed that she had constructed her four-bedroom house solely with earnings amassed from her activities on Snapchat, asserting the legitimacy of her wealth.

The exchange on the Delay Show has sparked discussions on social media, with many expressing varied opinions on the appropriateness of probing individuals, particularly women, about the sources of their wealth.

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