Your enemy is not your friend’s enemy - Kalybos disputes Stonebwoy’s warning

Ghanaian award-winning actor and comedian Kalybos has questioned Stonebwoy’s warning to his friends about dealing with his enemies.

Stonebwoy and Kalybos

Pulse Ghana

On Tuesday, April 6, the “Activate” hitmaker issued a stern warning to his friends to stay away from his enemies else he 'will literally look them dead in their faces.'

“Let me make this very f**king clear,” he sent the warning in his Instagram story. “If you f**k with anybody that has tried to harm me, disrespected me in any type of way, slandered my name, or played with me in any type of way.”

He said he considers friends who deal with his enemies as opponents.

“ are also considered an opp (opponent). You are not my friend. You are not my kind. You are not my people. I will literally look you dead in the face and not acknowledge you. I don't believe in being neutral. Ain't no more straddling fences when it comes to me. Pick your side and stay on it,” he added.

Reacting to this, Kalybos said inheriting enmity shouldn’t be tolerated because it can go a long way to hurt everyone.

“Your enemy is not your friend’s enemy,” Kalybos replied a post on Instagram page. “Lesson to all, listen up... Don’t make your friend’s enemy your enemy because we all fight different issues/battles individually. So, let me ask this... What happens if you quench the fire with your enemy, what will make of me if I also became enemy with the person because of you???? I’m waiting.”


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