He explained that he had heard rumours that the children were not his and when it was finally proven he felt the worst pain any human being can experience.

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"I thought I was the father but upon rumors that they are not my kids, they said I have to do DNA," he said in an interview with TV3. 

He added, "My lawyer showed me where they do the DNA, I got to know that yes, the kids are not mine".

He revealed that before performing the DNA tests, he visited a medical facility and informed them about his concerns without the knowledge of his ex-wife.

"I know, It was a difficult situation, I was very close with the children and for me to be able to do this, I told them I have an infection in my throat and upon doctors advise, I should be able to cure theirs now otherwise when they grow, they will have problems...".

He said he visited the school of the three girls with a doctor who collected the samples.

The former Anderlecht man said the test for himself and the three children cost him over GHS 4,000.

"At that short period, you find out that, they are not yours anymore... I don't know the kind of pain any human being can go through more than that".

Nii Odartey after years of going through an ordeal in his first marriage, remarried and is now blessed with two girls.