Chrissy Teigen has denied rumors that she and husband, John Legend are expecting twins after commenters suggested the model's baby bump is way to huge for just one child.

Mrs. Legend shared her first photo of her baby bump on Sunday, October 18 and quickly commenters began speculating, based on the size of her belly and her due date, that perhaps she's having twins or even tripplets. But the model stressed in s eries of tweets that she's only pregnant on a child thanks to IVF!

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After posting a new photo on Instagram and tweeting, "Somebody is early to the party," about her emerging bump (below), Teigen had to fend off doubters who felt she she’s expecting more than one baby. The TV personality then tweeted, "Good thing I am unoffendable or this would be a rough few months."

Following a number of remarks such as, "it’s definitely twins," and "My bestie is due in Feb and she’s 1/2 your size. Not twins? Probably triplets," Teigen responded, "I did IVF. One at a time. It isn’t twins. I can see the damn thing. Get out of my uterus!"

But rather than ending the debate, her tweet actually sparked more comments, including one from a fan who wrote, “big possibility its twins if you were using IVF." Teigen then wrote in response:

Teigen and Legend last week, "We’re pregnant!”Teigen has long acknowledged undergoing IVF and the couple’s struggle to conceive.