Students tie Math teacher and school clerk to tree, beat them over poor grades

Police complaints have been filed against 11 students following their alleged involvement in the tying of a Mathematics teacher and the school’s clerk to a tree and beating them up.

Students assault math teacher and school clerk

Reports say students of the Scheduled Tribe Residential School in Dumka, India’s Jharkhand state allegedly vented their anger on the teacher and the clerk last Monday.

They (students) had lured the victims to the school premises under the pretext of having a discussion with them over a recent Class-9 examination.

However, they arrested the math teacher, Suman Kumar, and the clerk who uploaded the grades to the school website, Soneram Chaure and tied them to a tree with a red rope and then flogged them.

Videos and photos of the incident have been circulating on social media, which don’t show the assault itself on the victims.


According to, a police investigation found that the victims were indeed physically assaulted by the angry students, and one of them gave a statement with a bandage around his head, indicating that he had been hit with a bat.

Eleven students out of a class of 32 received a DD grade, which is equivalent to a fail, reports.

The development infuriated the whole student body of 200, hence the rioting as they hold the two victims responsible for their embarrassing performance.

Surendra Hebram, Block Education Extension Officer, Gopikandar, Dumka confirmed the incident to ANI press agency.


“Jharkhand | School students in a village in Dumka tied their teachers to a tree & allegedly beat them up for providing fewer marks to them due to which they flunked their exams

“We received info on incident & held talks with all teachers. When we reached there, students said that they were given very less marks in practicals & they didn't receive adequate response from their teachers,” the official said.

Suman Kumar, the assaulted math teacher recounted in an interview with ANI: “Students called us on the pretext of holding a meeting & said their results were spoiled. It happened because their practical marks were not included in results. That was to be done by the headmaster. So we couldn’t have taken any step in this regard.”


Gopikandar police station chief, Nityanand Bhokta is reported to have told journalists that the school failed to file a complaint against the students because “it might spoil the careers of the students.”

Meanwhile, after a second thought, the victims themselves subsequently lodged a complaint with the police.


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