While you should not confine yourself to only having sex in the bedroom for the rest of your life, there are places you should never have sex.

Here is a list of places you should avoid having sex for various reasons:

1. Bathroom

The idea of having sex in the bathroom can sound like an exiting idea but it’s really not. You are likely to slide on the slippery bathroom floor, get cold and of course, it won’t be comfortable. So, it’s not fun and you definitely will not enjoy the moment as you should.

2. Park

When two people are in love, it’s easy for them to get carried away in the moment and forget that they are in a public park. Don’t be a victim of this unless you want to be trending on social media for the better part of the year. Apart from malicious people taking a video of your epic moment, you may also get in trouble with the authorities.

3. Office

Sex in the office is only steamy in the movies, so don’t get fooled. There is a possibility that the CCTV cameras are recording every bit of your moment and you both will have to pay for this. Would you rather lose your job or wait for the right time and place to have pleasure?

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4. Bush

So you thought that making out in the forest is a fantastic idea? Forget about it. The thorns, stinging plants and insects will not only make it uncomfortable but your skin might itch for a whole week. The last thing you want is an insect bite on your most sensitive parts or feel a snake slither over your naked body.

5. At the balcony

Your neighbors will have their eyes wide open to enjoy the scene and this will not be so good for your reputation. But the worst of all is falling off from the balcony and getting an injury. You see, when you are so busy in the moment, you might not actually remember that you are not at a safe place.

6. The beach

Ooh, this was on your bucket list? Sorry, but it’s not gonna be fun. Imagine what will happen if those sand particles found their way to your vagina. See, it’s not bread and butter unless you have a way to avoid getting in touch with the sand. Otherwise, you will leave the beach with cuts, infections and pain from the sand pieces.